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Market Demand Analysis of Lead-acid Batteries in the Next Five Years

Issuing time:2019-06-14 16:15

1. Electric bicycle batteries have a strong market demand.

Last year, more than 30 million electric bicycles were sold, and more than 97% of them used lead-acid batteries. Relevant data show that China currently owns 140 million electric bicycles, and the annual market for new car matching and replacement will reach 56 million kilovolt-ampere-hours.

2. Rapid Development of Industrial Batteries and Strong Market Demand

Mainly the backup power supply for communication and energy storage batteries such as wind energy and solar energy. At present, manufacturers of energy storage batteries are in short supply and even unable to produce, contrary to the situation in the fourth quarter of the electric bicycle market. This is due to the rapid development of the telecommunications industry in recent years and the replacement of many batteries previously supplied to infrastructure. So in the past one or two years, the demand of communication backup power supply is quite large, about 40 million KVA.

3. Electric vehicle battery market continues to maintain strong demand

Automotive start-up batteries are also a major player with rapid development. Last year, China's automobile production was 18.5 million, and the national automobile ownership exceeded 100 million, which has become the largest automobile sales country in the world. With exports, the demand for new and replaced start-up lead-acid batteries is close to that of electric bicycles when they exceed 53 million kilovolt-amperes per year.

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