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Glass wool is actually a very strong glass fiber.

Issuing time:2019-06-14 16:10

Glass wool is actually a kind of glass fiber, and it is an artificial inorganic fiber. It uses quartz stone and limestone, and some dolomite as the main raw materials. It is made of some soda and borax and other chemical raw materials. In the melting state, some fibers are made of flocculent fibers by external blowing. Fibers and fibers will become three-dimensional intersection, centrifugal glass wool felt has been well intertwined, showing many small gaps.

Glass wool manufacturers tell you that glass wool is a porous material, so glass has a good sound absorption effect, but also has a good insulation effect. Glass wool manufacturers tell you, in fact, glass wool will also melt glass fibrosis, forming a cotton-like material.

And glass wool felt is also very affordable, is a very good inorganic fiber, forming is very good, and the volume density is very small, thermal conductivity is very low, thermal insulation performance is good, sound absorption performance is good, corrosion resistance and chemical performance is also very stable.

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